When it comes to the title, explanation is easy. It’s reference to the word Ilcus – one of the historical names of our city. It’s more difficult to answer why we started to publish this historical – cultural –social magazine. Main idea behind creating Ilcusiana was desire to create magazine in which we can find information about Olkusz region. If we - people of Olkusz and its surroundings will not attempt to explore and describe local history, then who else will? We believe that knowledge about our past, our land will help to shape sense of our identity. Especially now, when we became part of European Union we should be aware of our own values, traditions and achievements of our city and surrounding areas. Some might say that through last decades there were published many articles and books that filled blank spaces in study of Olkusz history. Also on the pages of local and regional press were published hundreds of articles that were devoted to the history of our region. So, why we decided to publish “Ilcusiana”? We realized that there is no publication in which are presented longer, popular science articles that are dedicated to history and culture of our city and region. Besides that, some important and interesting events that are happening
around us are slipping away from our eyes. For example, when cultural centre, school or sports club is celebrating anniversary in daily newspapers only brief articles are appearing, they are mainly focusing on the description of the event. Meanwhile, not all of these institutions are prepared to create a team that will reach to historical sources and then write professional and attractive article. We believe that our “Ilcusiana” has a chance to fill this gap. Another important aim of our publication is to create a platform of cooperation for people
who are involved in the history of Olkusz and its region, and what’s most important – to encourage new people to research and describe local history and culture. We hope that it will be possible to create group of “guardians of local history”, who will want not only to study it, but also to describe it. Therefore we invite You all to cooperate and submit your texts and articles about history and culture of our region.